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Man and Dog BGbackground

We know our $h!t… and
think you should too,
cuz’ this topic’s about more
than just your dog’s #2.

Sick and tired of stepping in dog poo? Get your city on board with our groundbreaking poopollution solution and see our environmentally friendly dog waste units in your neighbourhood today.

Sign the Petition
Person and Dog
Dog Poop

The Poo Issue

When doggy drops a deuce,
there’s just no excuse.
You gotta find a bin to throw that $h!t in!
If only the bins weren’t so awfully gross,
Maybe you wouldn’t mind getting close…

What if there was an easier way
(when your dog does the doo),
To pick up after him…
without saying “P.U.”?

Dog and Poop

Poopollution Solution

When your dog makes a move
to pinch a hefty stool,
We make cleanup easy
with just one handy tool.
No more plug-the-nose drop-offs
in smelly trash cans,
With SUTERA dog waste units,
we take that turd off your hands!

Just plop the poop in the chute
where it lands underground,
In our extra large units that hold almost 500 pounds!
Our maintenance work is easy as 1-2-3,
And when we empty your dog’s crap,
we use it for clean energy!

Sutera Station

Let’s ‘flush’ this
out for you
(don’t want to
“waste” your time),
Dog doo harms the environment;
it’s really quite a crime.

3.2 billion ft³
of methane

What did Fido have for lunch? Phew!
That poop sure packs a punch!
You’re not wrong to wonder how it
affects the atmosphere,
It’s 3.2 billion cubic feet
of methane gas, per year!

Emissions of
300,000 cars

That methane equals the
emissions of over 300,000 cars,
Which makes dog poo the
greatest contributor to fecal
bacteria (in urban areas), by far!

3.5 CN Towers
in weight

The sheer volume of dog $h!t in this
world is pretty hard to envision,
Each year 3.5 CN Towers in weight of it
become direct marine or land pollution!

HandBeagleFloating Circlesorange background
Beagle and Hand

So you see now how YOU can
help make things better,
and that is the reason we’re
writing this letter
(About poo — just for you!)

So please sign and share our petition,
to see SUTERA in your neighbourhood and
take part in our mission.

We’re launching a campaign to put our environmentally friendly, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing dog waste units in as many neighbourhoods and parks as possible.

We all have a part to play in this movement — and let’s be honest… we all know at least one turd-leave-behinder that needs to see this. So be sure to share with your friends and family!

Sign the Petition
Dog and Poop

About Sutera

Poo in the Press


Welcome to a revolution for your convenience and the earth,
Cuz’ let’s face it: our pups’ BMs aren’t about to lose their girth.